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Support ticket mechanism ensures a properly documented systematic support. Support ticket system has been developed for a systematic support. This helps in avoiding any kind of miscommunication and confusion. There is no need to find nos., email address or any other contact information for any technical or non technical support. User can easily use support ticket mechanism after login. Since the service we are providing is technical and dependent on many factors like the operator, server, software, load on server, at times delay or other problems do arise.


Regarding any kind of support issues user generate a support ticket. Whenever a support ticket is generated a SMS is sent to the person who created the account. For example: If a Channel Partner's client creates a support ticket and check box the 'send SMS to support' link, Channel Partner will receive an SMS instantly. Depending upon the kind of support required, he can give the solution after login to his account. In case he does not have the solution, he can simply copy the ticket and escalate it to us. We try to give the best possible solution. Similarly if Channel Partner faces any problem, he simply creates a support ticket. Since the support tickets are constantly observed by the management, a proper solution is given in the best possible time.

  There are 3 different links in the 'Support' link:

Bulk SMS India Open New Ticket : You just need to create a ticket to get the response from your senior level. On ticking 'Send SMS to Support', the senior will receive an SMS containing your query.


Bulk SMS India View Open Ticket : You can view the ticket opened by you and in bracket you will find the no. of open tickets. This ticket will remain open till it is closed by you or your senior. You can also update this ticket.


Bulk SMS India View Closed Ticket : All the tickets which are closed either by you or your senior can be viewed here. In the bracket you will find the total no. of closed tickets.


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