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Bulk SMS India Priority Route

An option to send critical SMS on high priority, activation is at discretion of the sender. This feature is there absolutely free of cost and there are no hidden costs involved. This option lets a person choose whether he wants to send a message on high priority or not. Choosing high priority would ensure faster delivery of messages. In the normal option to send messages the messages at times get clogged or queued up which leads to delay of about 1 or 2 min and at times more which would not happen in the high priority route.


We have added this feature to facilitate all our clients who at times get bogged down with even a slight delay of messages. Share brokers are one big category of clients who get perturbed even with the slight delay. The managing director of a well distinguished broking firm remarked "All the messages lose meaning if the message is delivered even with a delay of one minute. We send messages that has the current rate of a share and where that share might be (in positive or negative in next few minutes) if the message is delayed the broking client scoffs at the messages because what we send to our clients is prediction of a share and when the client gets message it remains an old fact "


This high priority option would resolve problem of all such clients who see sending bulk message very useful but cannot endure slight delay. All clients can make use of this feature and can post up to 2000 bulk message in one hour. All of them get delivered instantly. If the client requires shooting more messages than the limit set he can do so in the next hour. This limit was set to guarantee that there is no queue on the server and hence no delay.


When one clicks the send SMS option after login the priority option is visible on the top right corner. A person selects high priority to send message on priority basis. This option is available in the XL Studio 3.5 (Excel plug-in) also.


Nascent Solutions edges over its competitors with this feature of high priority bulk SMS sending which is not available with 90% of the SMS aggregators.


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