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Bulk SMS India Channel Partner

Channel Partners are our most important associates. We fully understand that we can only expand if our channel partners grow. We have taken many steps to ensure that they are able to market vigorously without worrying about anything on technical part. The features that we have added for our Channel Partners are:


Bulk SMS India Branded Panel : Channel Partner can create his own branded panel. We will do it for him free of cost.


Bulk SMS India Low Balance Alert : Whenever a user consumes 90% of the SMS last credited, user as well as the Channel Partner receives a low balance SMS alert. The mobile nos. are also exchanged in the SMS. This helps in client retention as Channel Partner can immediately contact him.


Bulk SMS India Sender ID addition : Channel Partner can add upto 10 sender IDs immediately to the client without worrying about any approvals.


Bulk SMS India Support Ticket : Whenever client submits a support ticket with an option of SMS, Channel Partner immediately receives it on his mobile. Depending on the required support, he can act accordingly. This saves lot of infrastructure requirement for support. In case Channel Partner is unable to resolve the issue, he can further escalate the same to us.


Bulk SMS India Periodical Detail : It is a robust tool for the Channel Partners to help calculate credits on periodical basis for each of their clients. Where have the credits gone -how many to each client, how many to demo accounts etc -this feature does all that for you for whatever period you require. All one has to do is to enter the date range and the profile ID for which account detail is required -the software does the rest. Periodical Account detail helps the Channel Partner to keep track of the credits that he buys-its distribution on monthly basis or fortnightly basis or daily basis however he like. Not just that it even shows the date when the credits were made which assists you to calculate invoice for each client or commission for each marketing executive under your login account. You can tally the credits allotted with the payment received from each client which you may miss while manually calculating credits for each client. You have to use it to see how it makes credit account calculation cakewalk for you.


Bulk SMS India Payment Report : Whenever Channel Partner creates an account, it gets reflected in the payment report as pending. If the payment is received Channel Partner receives the same. This helps in recovering small amounts which gets neglected otherwise and make the accounting and payment collection much easier.


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