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Bulk SMS India Testimonials
Bulk SMS India Testimonials
  Your Excel Plugin (XL Studio) is the best I have seen and I have worked with a lot of companies in my time. - from HCL
  I'm proud to be associated with one of the long standing SMS companies in India. - from Chartered Accountant Institute
  I have been working closely with bulksmsindia.mobi for the past 2 years & have always found their service to be of a high standard.- from Mary Kay
We worked with several suppliers but only support of bulksmsindia.mobi is quick and reliable. - from Unitech
Most experienced guys in this industry bar none. The campaign manager has got better quality data than any other data provider. - from Hyundai
Best price / quality service I ever used with supreme support and an extremely reliable system.- from PNB
bulksmsindia.mobi high level of service and flexibility has been a major factor in the success of our project enabling us to deliver high quality services to our customers.- from AMR Infrastructure Ltd.
They are reliable, trustworthy and flexible, three very important traits in treacherous waters.- from Our Mumbai Client
First of all, I'd like to say that I'm a very pleased customer so far. I've had no problems or noticeable downtime with your service, and the quality of your service has exceeded my expectations.- from VLCC
I am really happy of the service your company is offering. We had some bad experiences locally and unfortunately, none of the service providers here offers the same professional services you do provide.- from Pee Aar Securities
You always seems to answer quickly and with good effort I'm sure it will strengthen our ambition to send more and more through your platform.- from Gitanjali
We have enjoyed the relationship our companies have established and we keep constant communications with our account manager who has been of great help for us.- from Bonanza Securities Ltd.
You guys really saved us when another supplier was letting us down in a major way. It seems that you have much better customer service and are much more "on the ball", and I would definitely like to continue using your services.- from Titan
Thank you for a great sms service which is wonderful compared to my old one. The response time is excellent. Sending SMS messages now is much quicker and there is no extra charge for delivery reports and best part is campaign manager. It rocks!!!- from DD Motors
We are very satisfied of service, everything is working very well.- from MGF EMMAR
I set up this account for a specific business project which has now ended. Very useful service you provided for our business.- from DLF
This is great. I really appreciate what you have done. Your customer support and care is great. Thanks again. My client is very pleased with the service.- from our Bangalore Channel Partner
I got up and running in 15 minutes and am receiving receipts correctly on SMPP. Thanks for your help in this exceptionally trouble-free process ;-)- from our Mumbai channel partner
After 6 months I'm still very happy with the great service and quality.- from Maruti Udyog
The bulksmsindia.mobi service is perfect. We rely on it heavily and have recently taken advantage of campaign manager.- from Indus group
I really appreciate the way you guys do business, we and many other company's can really learn from you guys!- from DTC Jewels
Just a note to compliment you guys on your client interface, simple to use and easy to setup, you guys are brilliant.- from ICICI Prudential
All in all, your introductory mail is the best thing that has happened to our small company.- from Empire properties
I thought I was too small to have an account manager and I really feel like you care. Bulksmsindia.mobi is definitely the best method of communication I have found!- from Our Mangalore Customer
Bulksmsindia.mobi just works. Thank you! - from Fine India
Thanks again for the follow up, you guys are really jacked up and I wish our other suppliers had half the business ethics Bulksmsindia.mobi does!- from GoodYear
We are looking forward to any future possibilities of collaboration with Bulksmsindia.mobi that may arise. To say it once more, we have gotten to know your company as one of our most reliable and valuable partners.- from SetMax
Thank you for not making me wait days for a fix like previous companies did - Bulksmsindia.mobi support is so quick! I think for service quality you are second to none.- from our client in Aurangabad

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