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Bulk SMS India Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is brainchild of Nascent Solutions. Nowadays, a major usage of SMS is for campaign purpose whether it's a marketing, political, religional or promotional campaign. The problem that is faced by campaigner is acute shortage of profiled data. We have put up few servers loaded with DND filtered good quality segregated data. There are hundreds of categories of updated data which you can select and send message to. Again, this service comes free of cost.


This is a new service and got tremendous response. This again is a first from us. Campaigners or Small Medium Enterprises (SME) were not able to take full advantage of this technology marvel -SMS as they either don't have any data or whatever they could procure was not authentic or not properly segregated. We have put in a lot of effort in collecting, filtering and removing the deactivated nos. New categories are added up on regular basis and we are trying hard to make it the best available database.


User just has to log in to his account, select the category and submit the serial no. of SMS that he wishes to push. He can send the SMS again on same nos. or can send SMS on next no. User will have the delivery reports along with the display of nos.


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